Google is set on helping out small businesses with Local SEO. Google recently announced through its Google Small Business handle on and Twitter and Facebook that they are rolling out a brand new tool – Local Opportunity Finder. 

The Idea Behind This New Development 

Local Opportunity Finder is said to be designed to help small businesses understand how Local SEO can benefit them and discover how people nearby generally search for businesses like theirs. Simply put, the tool analyzes what, where and how people from a specific area are inclined to search for a particular type of business. 

When a business name is entered on Local Opportunity Finder, the tool breaks down all the information necessary to improve its online presence into the following categories:  

  • Business Profile – A brief overview of the number of searches made per week for businesses like theirs in that region.

  • Business Info – Insight to the kind of information people nearby look for when they search for such businesses.

  • Posts – The ideal time to put up a post about their business based on the daily peak time when people search for businesses like theirs.

  • Reviews – The importance of reviews for such a business and how the company, in particular, is doing in this area.

  • Photos – How important a role the photos play in Local SEO for such businesses.

  • Summary – Steps that the company can take to improve its presence on Google Search and Maps.


Our Takeaway 

It sure looks like Local Opportunity Finder be a huge help for small businesses when it comes to understanding what they need to do to bring their Local SEO strategies to fruition. However, it seems that as of now only businesses in the US have access to this new tool developed by Google.